We invite you to visit your local retailer who sells the Creative Factory bow ties closest to you. We are actively looking for new retailers across Canada and would be very happy to receive your application. If you are a business owner, or if you know of one who may be inetrested, we invite you to fill out the form at: or write to us at

We are proud to encourage and support local businesses and we invite you to also support the local economy of your community!

We understand that not everyone will find a local vendor selling Creative Factory bow ties as we are not secured enough Canadian and global vendors to carry our products. Therefore, we have two online web platform created to sell our products and we invite you to visit them and purchase your next item: Amazon and ETSY.

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      🌈 Livraison - Fabrique Créative 🌈

      Puisque nous voulons vous permettre d'essayer nos produits, nous avons mis un tarif fixe de 12$ et GRATUIT après 100$. Du 28 avril au 30 Octobre 2020.

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      Because we want you to try our products, we have set up a fix $12 shipping and FREE with orders above $100. From April 28 to October 30 2020.